Saturday, February 18, 2012

Best Wedding Party Dance Song EVER is the new LMFAO song!

Best Wedding Party Dance Song EVER is the new LMFAO song!
Recommended by Iris Gillon IGMC!
New Band video for this week is by Manhattan Dance Band
and it is really good!
Take a look at our live bridal show video shot a while ago of the same band
in NYC in a FEBRUARY bridal showcase for three bands.
Manhattan Dance Band won hands down!
To see places that Manhattan Dance Band has performed over the years, you can take a look at some of the images below. A great wedding and corporate party dance band ends up playing in hundreds of catering establishments all over the city, Manhattan, NYC, New Jersey, NJ Ct, MA Boston Philli, PA and so many other places including Connecticut Ct and Rhode Island and more.
A great band can travel anywhere to perform at an exciting wedding or celebrity event or corporate meeting especially!
Iris Gillon Reviews show up everywhere. After having produced THOUSANDS of successful events with so many happy customers, Iris Gillon of IGMC is the top wedding and event planner on the East Coast!
Iris Gillon produces TOP CORPORATE EVENTS all over the city and one of her top funk
soul R&B disco hustle fun dance bands is The Manhattan Dance Band! Other bands that
are very popular are The RESPEKT Band, The ATTITUDE Band, The MIRACLE Band, CONTRABAND,
Iris Gillon is famous for producing memorable parties and events and her specialty
is live performers, entertainers, musicians, bands, classical performers, orchestras, ensembles,
great singers, amazing dancing horns, rock bands, soul bands, jazz bands, Jewish Bands for Jewish Weddings and Receptions, Greek Bands for Greek Weddings and Receptions, Russian Bands for Russian / American Weddings, Latin Bands for Latin / American Weddings and Receptions and these bands cover the entire country if a client can afford the airfare and hotel for the band. Local to NY NJ PA CT and MA these bands are a real treat for anyone planning a dance celebration of any kind.
These beautiful architectural gems are landmark facilities venues for weddings and banquets.
Great for Weddings and Corporate Events, and any other type of social affair, Iris GIllon is the top'event planner for any of these types of parties and events.
Specializing in great events, Iris Gillon knows every single location in town, she knows, from memory,
the sizes, the shapes, the decor, the menus, the prices, and the private phone numbers of the people who work there, completely from memory!
So if you want a beautiful location for your wedding, or you want a dynamite band for your reception,
or you simply need some intelligent advice or wedding or event ideas from someone who is majorly experienced in these types of things, Iris Gillon is the best!
Tremendous architectural landmark facilities and venues in New York and New Jersey -
only you need to call Iris Gillon to find them in a second flat.
The best New York Wedding Locations can be found by a simple phone call to Iris Gillon Wedding and Event Planner - absolutely no charge to figure out which location is the best venue for your reception or event!
For the best advice on Wedding Music, only Iris Gillon has a masters degree from The Juilliard School of music.
Only Iris Gillon is written up in the Encyclopedia as an excellent musician.
Iris Gillon is the best wedding music consultant on the East Coast and you can call her and pick her brains at no charge!
Yup! Iris Gillon doesn't charge for consultations. They are 100% free!
For the best wedding possible, hire and event planner that knows what she is doing.
That would be Iris Gillon!
To see the best wedding sites and wedding venues, facilities, banquet halls, historical landmarkes, museums, lofts, libraries, funky and unusual spaces, boats, yachts and backyard tented weddings, Iris Gillon is the top wedding consultant that knows great places and knows how to put together fabulous wedding packages for your enjoyment!
Make sure you give Iris at call sometime!

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